ROAMS updated on the new site

I have officially started updating on the new site.

Please go here in the future:

Old site will stay up however and I haven’t fully migrated all the translations over because the links will take waayyy to long to all update (yes I gave up haha).

But all future updates will be on the new site.

Migrating to a new site :)

Hi guys,

I’m migrating this site to a self-hosted site on

This is gonna take a few days, I imported/exported the whole page but all the links still point to the wrong place so I have to fix it manually >.<

This is gonna take me a day or two, so the updates are on pause for 1-2 days now sorry guys.

In the meantime, the links might be a bit wonky and/or point to the new site before reverting back again.

Just bear with me! The next update should be on the new site in a few days.

Rebirth of a Movie Star – Chapter 34

ROAMS – Chapter 34

Don’t forget Chapter 35 which will also be posted shortly~~

On a completely unrelated note, I was recently caught by a Chinese colleague reading danmei at work haha! Not only that but it was explicit smut aiya (ノ▽〃). It was on an off period, not when I was actually working.

Luckily she was a young girl and told me she also reads it too lol. And even said she would send me some recommendations~~ I’m still super embarrassed though ahaha, I couldn’t concentrate at work afterwards >.<

Out of curiosity, are you guys open about your interests?